Best Free Antivirus for your PC Microsoft Essentials Review – Downloads

Need for an Antivirus
Its need not to intro what a antivirus is ,and almost all of us know the purpose of it.Thanks to it.
A antivirus software is a must to have program in everyone pc inorder to keep safe from the annoying Virus,malwares,spywares spreaded all over Internet.

Apart from thousands of antivirus coming to market each day,there are established brands that you can always trust.To name few top Antivirus softwares, you can go with Avast ,Avira, Kaspersrky, Trend Micro, Panda.

Windows Microsoft Essentials 
   After using a trial pack of Trend Micro Platinum AV software ,i was in search for  the best AV available,and that too for free of cost.

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 Googling may ends in confusing results where you will get many of antivirus ,but picking up a right one is a tough there.I list out some five free Antivirus programs and filtered the result and ends with Microsoft Windows Essentials.we always  been in love with MS products ,isn’t it?

 Key Features  

  • Comprehensive malware protection.
  • Simple, Free download.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Easy to use.

I have been using windows essentials for a week now,and its performance its awsome.It works great,simple,and yet powerful.

We’ve to accept Windows statement – “The anti-annoying,anti-expensive,anti-virus program”

microsoft essentials,antivrus

Pros:Here are some of my Experience with this Av:

  • It have Real time protection,so you are free to scan evrery day manually,as the  program scans each activity from behind.
  • It has simple opt in interface,so you wont mess up with lot of confusing menus,or options.

  • Microsoft essentials is ofcourse Free of cost,you no need to spend a penny.
  • And foremost ,its a Microsoft Product,so there will always support – free support for your future updates.

Cons:      According to me,there is no cons ,so far but i hope ,i’ll get known some of them very soon.
  • You need to know clear,that it can be installed only in genuine windows,i said GENUINE ,yeah if you are using pirated copy of windows then it is not for you dear.

Check out Download link i’ve attached:

Download Windows Essentials