Interview Questions for HCL BPO Call Center – Placemenet Papers

Interview Questions for HCL – Call Center  This are the common questions asked by the interviewer,while you are attending an BPO interview.If you have any tips ,ideas like to give for the students? Just post it through comments.Your suggestions are always welcomed.

1.Speak on the topic “idle mind is a devil’s workshop”

2.How u celebrated ur last birthday?

3. How do I introduce myself sophistically infront of interviewer?

4. describe your best friend?

5. tell me something about your first college day?

6. talk few lines on poverty??

7. how did u spent ur yesterday schedule????

8. talk few lines about independent women? what is the difference between delhi and lucknow

9. what have you done since morning?

10. If u become a team leader then which 2 persons in this group u will choose in ur team ? why ? (this is a screening conducted in
college, in each group they taken 8 students at a time for interview then asked this question to each)

11. Describe yourself as a third person?

12. what u did from yesterday to today?

13. what is smart work and hard work,

14. why did you left yor previously job?

15. How much you where getting there?

16. without experiance why should i select u?

17. (a) Daily Routine? b) Story Making? c) School or College Farewell? d) Daily routine of Mother?

18. Topic – Importance of Cell Phones or Computers in Life

19. What you did in your weekends

20. if ur passing thru road narrate any kind of story???

21. if u hv been invisible for a day what will you do?

22. what u have done in your school days??

23. What is your daily routine in school time?

24. What is your father and mother’s daily routine ? explain about it?

25. What do you  mean by Brand name in a firm?

26. In what way you can contribute to HCL?

27. What do you mean by Brand Name?

28. Speak on last day on your school (10 or 12th)

29. Who is your favourite teacher in school and why?

30. How can you say that Health is Wealth?

31. What is your daily routine?

32. What is your father-mother daily routine?

33. Tell me the story of the last movie you saw?

34. Tell me about your role model mother therisa?

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