Do you know How Much Money do Facebook Earns per day ,per hour , per month ? Know it here !

Know How much Facebook earns from 800 million users
The #1 Social Networking site facebook may not shared you that it makes $4.7 billion this past year .Let me show you some facts about Facebook ,that some of you maynot know.

Facebook a social networking site which allows you to connect withy our friends ,family , colleagues and share your own way as you want ,everyone aware of it.

Facebook founded on 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg – a 28year old guy,with initial funding of about $500,000 ofcourse that money didn’t met their need ,infrastructure so they raised funding again for two rounds.

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Who knows ,Facebook with 850 million users get $ money like a cash machine,it is passive financial growth to the company.

Facebook Makes Money from its 800+ million users :

Here comes to the some interesting fact everyone like to know about from facebook.
How much money do facebook make per day ? per month ? per year ?
Did you ever asked this question yourself ? if yes ,here i have given some stats of facebook.

  • Facebook earns $48750 per hour,its about 24.37 lakhs per hour in Indian rupee.. 😉
  • Facebook makes about $11.7 million per day ! Woila isn’t that crazy money from us..
  • Facebook makes about $ 360 million per month and if you want that totally summed up to the whole year,then
  • Facebook earns about $4.7 Billion per year ,this stats is upto last year (2011).

This will rapidly increase because of its higher growing rate of user base !

So,how much do we earns per day ? or do you earn per day ? its not bad asking this question ourself,it will motivate some of us to go and go untill we reach our goal.

facebook money,how much,earn

You may be wonder to know that Facebook will hit #1 site to have 1 billion users within the end of this year 2012.

So ,what do you feel knowing this facts ? You know How Facebook make money ? Let us discuss via comments below..

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