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Ubislate 7 in India
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Its Indian made tablet at the cheapest price you can’t get it from anywhere around the world.Ubislate 7 is the first ever Indian made 7inch tablet that has Android 2.3 GingerBread mobile Os,with GSM+GPRS,Wi-Fi ,HD movie watching,Online video streaming,web conference.You can do all this on a single gadget ,that is our Ubislate 7.

You can know the complete features,such as hardware,software,accessories here
UbiSlate 7 in India features

It seems ,that the first version Aakash ( lighter verison ) has been sold out,and this later version has received huge welcome from the Indian market,and the makers of this gadget DataWind has decided to make 1700 tablets each day.

You may receive the tablet after March,2012,because the first two months has been booked already by the hungy people.

Why still waiting ? I’ve pre-ordered this sexy gadget ! Do you ??

Here is the Pre-Order link:
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