Airtel Free SMS Tricks to send Unlimited SMS to your friends – 2012

Airtel Unlimited Free SMS Tricks via TwitterThe social networking sites has done the magic of bringing millions of people at one place and our life being social with networking sites like Facebook,twitter has seen some positive as well as negative impact.We leave negative and just talk about positive things now and always!

I’m going to talk and share about Airtel – Twitter Free sms tricks is a trick that allow you to send Unlimited SMS to your friends for free! Yep its completely Free.

How to send free Unlimited SMS on Airtel mobile ?So,the Trick here is Twitter,How twitter can be used to send an unlimited sms for free of cost to your friends? This trick is applicable for twitter users only and the sms can be send to twitter users which they can be your friends.So,make sure You and Your friends have twitter account and their Airtel mobile numbers verified with twitter.

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Here we go to the steps:With this some simple Steps you can activate Twitter mobile.
1.Just send an sms by typing START and send it to 53000(tolfree)

2.You will receive an sms from 53000,it will ask your twitter username,
  So send Your reply with Twitter Username

3.After that again a message will ask you for “Password”
 So,send your reply with Passwrd.

4.Now send OK to 53000

5.You’ll receive “Twitter mobile activated sucessfully”

Hei,your friend also has to do this step ie) Whoever you want to send unlimited sms ,they have to verified with Twitter with their usernames.

Note:You may be noted that ,sending sms to 53000 is Rs.1/- cost per sms.But its tollfree,so don’t worry.

Now,Twitter profiles has been successfully activated with Airtel mobile number!Just follow few simple steps below,

How to send SMS with Twitter handler on Airtel mobile ?If  your friend’s twitter id is mani4astro then type

and send it to 53000

It’ll reach your friend’s mobile shortly and very quickly.

So ,what special in this Airtel Free SMS Tricks ?
*Fast delivery of messages.
*We use Twitter
*TRAI rules not applicable,so Enjoy no limit message.
*Send sms at any time
*You can also use this method at high balance without any worries of reduction in balance.
*Supports 140characters per sms.

I’ve shared this Airtel Tricks with you ! I hope you’d like this and share this via facebook,twitte,google+.
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