Vodafone Tricks 2013
I’ve shared couple of Tricks for Voadafone in past posts,and this post is specially for GPRS.What this trick all about is that “You can browse for free and even make usuall downloads for free“.I already shared working ,Vodafone 10p/min trick for V2V and now here we go with Free GPRS Tricks for Vodafone.> Vodafone GPRS Plans & Rates [ Revised Plans ]

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Vodafone has always been having some loop hole ,even thousands of free technique are discovered by genius hack3ers ,but whatever you find they are going to close or block it within few weeks or sometime after few months.

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How to activate/get Free GPRS for a month ?
Here is some sipmle trick ,that you have to follow to answer all your questions like

How to get free gprs,How to browse for free?How to activate free gprs for one month?

If you are vodafone customer ,just

                            send BONUS 149 to 144

Thats it dudes!
You’ll get 2GB of data free for one complete month.The freedom is yours,just use it to browse or download anything you want!
You can also connect it to your Laptop too.,

It’s pretty well working on some states like Kerala,and few other north states.If you find to be working in your state,just drop your comments below,so that it may help others.

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