EAMCET Tricks 2015

Dear students , if you’ve applied for EAMCET 2012 that is going to conducted on May 12,2012 , you may need to know this simple things before appearing for the exams.

EAMCET is conducted every year for Admissions into Engineering , Agriculture and Medical , lot of students probably lakhs in numbers apply for EAMCET Entrance exam and so lot of competitions will be.

There may be students like me, Who’ll be looking for the ways , “How to easily get passed in EAMCET exam ?” or ” How to get Pass Marks in EAMCET Exam ?  “EAMCET Blueprint for engineering ” , EAMCET blueprint for medical , eamcet blueprint for Agri

EAMCET Questions Pattern/Blueprint- Get Minimum Pass marks easily

If you’re one among them, i’ve given here some facts about EAMCET exams for engineering ,that will help you to get an idea of getting pass marks.

Total Questions in EAMCET Engineering is 160 . The question Pattern or BluePrint is like this,

Maths(1a,2a)          – 40
Maths(1b,2b)         – 40
Phy(1st,2nd year)   – 40
Che(1st,2nd year)   – 40
Totol                       -160

EAMCET 2015 Blueprint for Engineering

Each give questions will have 4 multiple choice . So the answers will be in the below format ,
1 a ( Answer comes possibility 40 times )
2 b ( Answer comes possibility 40 times )
3 c ( Answer comes possibility 40 times )
4 d ( Answer comes possibility 40 times )

How to score minimum pass marks in EAMCET 2015 ?

Friends , just understand the patterns and attend the questions with that in mind. You ‘ll surely get pass marks in EAMCET 2012 . Don’t loose your hope , try your best !

All the Best..

I’ve given the known facts,it may help someone out there, if you find this useful, do post your comments.

If you know any other EAMCET Exam Tricks and Tips , kindly share with us via Comments below,

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