Anna Univ Rescheduling of Exam Dates

Anna University has already changed exam dates not once but twice , students already commented that the enthu for preparing exams have gone.

We’ve already informed Students of Anna University – the First Rescheduled Exam Dates as well as the recent Second Rescheduled Exam dates .

We’ve even shared by Semester wise pattern of 2nd Rescheduled Exam Dates
like ,

>> 2nd Semester Rescheduled Exam dates

>> 4th Sem Rescheduled Exam Dates.

>> 6th Sem Rescheduled Exam Dates

Third Rescheduled Exam Dates for Anna Univ May/June 2012 ?

Here is another Rumour ? or News fast spreading like Fire…
Anna University has again Rescheduled Exam Dates for May/June 2012 today on May 8th 2012.

To our eager to know the true facts behind this buzz, the official website of Anna Univ ( ) is not able to access due to “Too many Connections “

Anna University website often Sucks,
Being one of the top university in TamilNadu, they dont take any response for the students to access the website reliable.

Is it Rumour or Announcements ?

Its still beleived to be mystery …
We’ve to wait for a while, and Students you will be updated with the Correct exam dates from this page,
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Post your comments about your view about Change of Exam Dates by Anna Univ .

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