How Mashable turned a WordPress Blog into $Million Dollor Company

From a WordPress Blog to #1 Social Media Guide

You all know Mashable.Com ? Sure you may heard of this or ever visited the site once.Recently i’ve visited a blog which has post titled ” Top Blogs using WordPress software “ , in which Mashable stands #1 followed by Tech Crunch ( my favourite ) , gigaom , venturebeat ,etc.

He concluded the article like this , ” If these People make Millions with WordPress , then Why Not you  ? “
That was nice and well written article,altough i dont know proper writing / expressing a point to the user in prof format , i just have started writing long story articles with this. Please sorry if my writing skills are not a nice one , tell me the way i have to , i would be happy :)

Update : How Much Mashable Make per month ?

Mashable.Com – All that’s New on the Web

Mashable ( Mashable Inc ) is a Scottish-American news website and Internet news blog founded by Pete Cashmore. The website’s covers news and developments in mobile, entertainment, online video, business, web development, technology, memes and gadgets. Mashable was launched by Pete Cashmore from his home in Aberdeen, Scotland in July 2005 .
With a reported 50+ million monthly pageviews[8] and an Alexa ranking under 250, Mashable ranks as one of the world’s largest websites ( 271 – Alexa Rank ) . Time Magazine noted Mashable as one of the 25 best blogs in 2009 , and has been described as “one stop shop” for social media. It has over 2,9M Twitter followers and over 9.4lakhs fans on Facebook

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Do you ever think , that what software / blogging platform does Mashable – the social media guide uses .. ?

mashable is One of the leading site today which is growing tremendously , right from the day its was started on 2005 by Pete Cashmore .Cashmore started his blogging career with wordpress and slowly grabbed everyone attention with his blog updating about social media : Facebook , Twitter , Google and other small startups.

Content / Nishe of Mashable ?

If you asked , what niche does mashable is writing articles on their blog ? Its ” Evrything Now ” .

Mashable in early days posted articles more about Blogging : some of the articles titled Top wp themes , 20 best Blogger templates , wordpress plugins , and some tweaks , tips about blogging , SEO .Now , Mashable slowly turned a blog into website / news source . Having more sub categories like Tech , Social Media , Bussiness , Lifestyle , Watercooler ,Entertainment , U.S & World , Politics and Videos .
So they cover almost everything that happens on earth , its news site know 😉

What made Pete Cashmore to turn a Blogger into a CEO ?
This question might even suits for many others also, those who started their career as a simple blogger , and turned into what they called ProBlogger and here in this instant for MASHABLE its CEO .
pete cashmore,mashable,image
The main thing woudl be the users interaction with his blog posts , and the money it generated for his time spending.User Interaction :
– Comments posted by the visitors – any positive feedback would let any blogger to smile , think proud about themselves.

– Social Sharing : In early days when getting shared our articles bby 10 or 20 people is rare , and when mashable gets 1000 – 2.5 k shares of his blog posts to popular social media like Facebook, Twitter , Stumbleupon .It may bring us more confidence of our choice that Blogging won’t die. It may bring more enthu to pete to continue his blogging career.

– Earnings : Working 2 hours a day bringing home $500 a month , would you get it somewhere else the money like this ? . I think , the money too factors for anyperson to continue his work , whether it may be blogging or something else.

Mashable had successfull monthly income in early days than what other fellow bloggers with his niche got . So it matters .

One of the main thing i have to share is , Mashable is now having 60 employees ! . Isn’t make you say Wow……

Yea , the single man blog now turned into a corprate company .Mashable is also conducting Social media submit, mashalbe awards,and other events that brings them more reputation. Ofcourse all that happens with support of sponsers.

Mashable launched ” Mashable Follow ” – a social networking like features where users can follow particular topics,follow other users ,and share with them the news on mashable.

How much does Mashable Earns and How much Traffic does Mashable gets per month ?
In early days , mashable’s income from adsense boosted Pete Cashmore to blog what he loves to write … Now mashable earns in $millions / month .

The traffic stats may tell you how much potential that mashable is having with 20 million visits / month. So there is whole lot of money mashable is getting from advertisers.

Hei,its just an estimation only there is more potential to earn more revenue than what the above statshows.
( Click the Image to see Ad space and formats )
Official Stats from Mashable tells that ” gets 20-22 million pageviews a month “.Mashable’s Advertising Options :
Mashable’s main and primary source of income is from Adsense , Doublieclick , Paid Promotion Articles , Job Posting , Sponsored Stories and Ads space from Sidebars.

Ad Format used by Mashable :

Mashable site uses 768×90 Banner ad on the header , and 460×60 banner ad below the post title , 336×280 banner & 160×600 ( skyscrapper ad ) on the right sidebar .

So what do you think of Mashable’s Growth ?

I’m truly a regular visitor of Mashable , i used to know the latest things happening from , and also i’m inspired by the Growth that mashable is getting each day.
I’m following mashable right from 2008 when i joined B.E degree i think…now i’ve completed four year course  and the mashable growth is really Tremendous and its Just heading towards more success .I wish them a good all aspects.

 I think this is the first article i’ve been writing for more than 2 hours thinking ,writing and referring and i feel satisfied with first ever long story in my blog.
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Update : Mashable is now a most popular news media online publication , competitors like theVerge is also doing good job .
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