Solar Panels Price in India – How to set up Solar Energy in your Home

October 16th, 2012


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Since the need for Electricity is growing in enormous scale , the govt doesn’t seems to plan for any New Power Units to compensate the demand . In fact the duration of Power Cut in the state is going to the worst level , people are more likely to search for ” Alternative Source of Energy to power their basic needs / home appliances “ , even though setting up a Solar Plant in Home is three time costlier than the power we get from the govt , there is more advantages installing the one at our home .
So before i write briefly about ” How to set up Solar Plant in your home ” , i would like to show up the price that cost the heart of the system .
The very first thing we need to have is ” Solar Panels ” , here is the pirce list which is currently being sold in Tamilnadu or other parts of India .

Price of Solar Panels in India :

The price shown below or obtained from the online retailers across our country , compared with many top sellers , we have given the solar panel price below ,

30 watts solar panel price – Rs.2400

50 watts solar panel price – Rs.3750

80 watts solar panel price – Rs.6000

100 watts solar panel price – Rs.7000

125 watts solar panel price – Rs.8750

These panels are comes with 5 years warranty. And Guaranteed Power Output of 90% for 10 Years and 80% for 25 Years.

The price of solar panels are dropped nearly 30% than it was listed on 2011 . Due to the large demand and fast growing , the solar industry is seeing its positive growth .
Currently solar panels are available between Rs.55-Rs.80 per watt with 25 years Guaranteed Power Output.

If you need to know more about the solar panels , how to get those panels for cheap price , what type of solar panels need to purchase ? , how solar plant works ? Just drop by your comments ..

  • arun

    Hi, i am Arun, basically i am a structural Engineer, i am little unclear about the solar panel. I am keen to know about installing solar panels. My requirement is like 2kw and can u please guide me about the cheap solar panels available and also in the sense of maximum out put. and little more. Thanks. email:

  • Anant

    Hello ,Thanks for a informative writeup.I am interested in taking up this project and wish to know how to start with. I hv a terrace whereon i can set up solar panel area of 100 sq ft.What is a solar inverter ?
    Is it different from regular 230AC -12 VDC home inverter ?
    Pl let me know options and costs thereof to choose the optimum.

  • venki

    People sell an inverter with 80W solar panel and charge 60000 INR ! You know any supplier in Chennai who would supply solar panels for the price mentioned here ?


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  • Tony

    Dear all, I would like to install solar panel in newly constructed house in Kerala. I am planning to install the system personally. My requirement is around 1.5KW and can u please provide the cheapest solar panels available. My email ID is