New Mega Launched by KimDotCom : Features of Mega –

What is Mega ?

mega file sharing,mega,kim dot comKimDotCom – a well known for his , which had 500 million users every month seized by U.S FBI for Copyrights violations of users sharing legal files over internet  .

After exactly one year Kim announced the launch of his new Highly Secure File sharing site MEGA , it will be accessible at

According to tech sites like Gizmodo, TechCrunch, theNextWeb which they had early access to MEGA, they’ve published different articles about the new service but all meant to say MEGA is a Copyright Dismantle tool.

They recommend users the new file sharing site, which will not face the problems faced MegaUpload.

Mega look like it’s just another online storage locker like Dropbox or Google Drive . But it’s way more than that. Mega is a weapon aimed straight at copyright rights holders. It’s maybe the most private, invincible file-sharing service of all time.

Features of MEGA

1. Mega has big UPLOAD button, when you click it you will be prompted to accept ‘ Terms of Service ‘ , then you start upload your files to the cloud .

2. All your files are encrypted before even they are uploaded to the server .

3. Even the site owner – MEGA will not be able to access the file or know what kind of file you are uploading

4. Mega doesn’t have decryption key to get the file , the key will be known to the person who uploads the file .

5. After your files are up on the file manager, you can right click to get ” Download link ” which can be sent to your friends or who you want to share the file .

Do you like the way the KimDotCom brought the Copyright Killer service ” MEGA ” ? Do share your comments .

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