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Avast Antivirus

One of the Worlds Most Popular Antivirus Software maker Avast has released the latest version Avast 8 on Feb 27th, 2013 , the first major release in 2013 . As usual the Avast 8 has free version for those who just need Antivirus Protection , but unlike previous version Avast 7 , the new version has Premier Version added into its line of Paid Versions .

I’ve given Avast Antivirus Software Direct Download Link as well as the official website of Avast to download the Avast 8 Antivirus for your machine ( Windows 7, Windows 8 ) .

Features of Avast 8

Here are the list of Features for Avast 8 Premier

  • Blocks viruses & spyware
  • Lets a friend help remotely if you have trouble
  • Secures online banking and purchases
  • Lets you surf risky websites
  • Runs risky programs safely
  • Blocks hacker attacks
  • Secures personal data
  • Secures your identity
  • Stops annoying SPAM
  • Blocks phishing scams
  • Keeps your programs updated automatically
  • Lets you access your PC from remote locations
  • Can securely wipe your hard drive when needed

avast 8 free download,avast 8,free version,software,antivirus,avast antivirusAs i have mentioned above the above Features / Functions are only for the paid version , if you’re downloading the ‘ Free Version of Avast 8 ‘ then you will be limited to only one that ‘ Blocks Viruses & Spyware ‘ .

Yea , the basic ( Home Edition ) free version of Avast offers you just to keep your PC / Lap away from Viruses .  You won’t be able to Complete Protect your PC with the Free Version for sure .

With the Online Attacks , malware threats growing in numbers day by day , we have to ensure Security of our PC is at full level . OfCourse there are many other Free Antivirus Software that will offer Protection , but there is no surprise all of them will have Premium / Paid versions , and the free version will have those limitations always .

If you’re worrying about this limited fact , you may use other Free Antivirus Software like Microsoft Security Essentials which has scored pretty good points in the testings .

So here is the Download link for Avast 8 Basic Free Version . You have also given the Official website of Avast to know the various other versions and its support for Features / Functions .

Avast 8 Free Version Download

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