Firefox 19 Beta Free Download 2013 – Built in PDF Viewer , Improved Performance , HTML 5

Firefox 19 free downloadFirefox 19

Firefox released the latest Beta version 19 for the users , the team first updated the news over their official social networking pages Facebook, Twitter . The beta version has some New Features added, and some existing  bugs fixed and lot of HTML 5 you can experience from the browser .

This beta release will sure a huge hit for firefox who is releasing lot of updates ( last Update : Firefox 18 on Januaryl 2013 ) to the browser in order to Compete with the giant Google who knowns for the aggressive promotions of its own browser Google Chrome . While the Internet Browser 10 has also been released with support for Windows 7 .

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Here are the official Change log / Features of Firefox 19 Beta :

Built-in PDF viewer

– Security-driven release, see details in the associated security advisory

– Certain valid WebGL drawing operations are incorrectly rejected, leaving incomplete rendering in affected pages (825205)

– Starting Firefox with -private flag incorrectly claims you are not in Private Browsing mode (802274)

– Plugins stop rendering when the top half of the plugin is scrolled off the top of the page, in HiDPI mode

– Fixed stability issue for some AMD Radeon HD graphics cards

– Canvas elements can export their content as an image blob using canvas.toBlob()

– Startup performance improvements

– CSS @page is now supported

– CSS viewport-percentage length units implemented (vh, vw, vmin and vmax)

– CSS text-transform now supports full-width

– Debugger now supports pausing on exceptions and hiding non-enumerable properties

– Remote Web Console is available for connecting to Firefox on Android or Firefox OS

– There is now a Browser Debugger available for add-on and browser developers (experimental, set to true)

– Web Console CSS links now open in the Style Editor

Download Firefox 19 Beta

Get Here to Download Firefox 19 | Official Website :

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